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Our Story

In 2013 a young gentleman by the name of Michael tried floating for the first time and instantly fell in love. Michael suffered a constant battle with depression and anxiety but found floatation therapy a place for hope. Michael decided he needed floatation to be a part of his life so he went about building his very own float tank.

 After what seemed a century Michael successfully built his own personal float tank.

And since then Michael has been innovating, re-engineering and perfecting the float tank. His mission is to bring floatation therapy to the world as he believes it has the power to change the world for the better.

Fast forward to December 17th 2018 Horizen Carramar was open to the public! Michael self -funded and self built Western Sydney’s first floatation centre in Carramar 🙂

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Years in The Business

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Horizen Float tanks

Most Potent Water Purification System

We use the best water purification system on the market, our Quantam Water photocatalytic oxidser uses nano crystal technology so powerful that it can steralise sewage water to safe drinkable levels without using any chemicals. Being able to destroy viruses, bacteria and pathogens as well as break down thick contaminants like body oils back to their harmless molecular form. In turn we can promise you the cleanest floatation experience in the world! 

Zero Claustrophobic Environment

Our float pools are a massive 1.5m wide by  2.4m long with no lid, so there is no feeling of claustrophobia you can really stretch out wide or large enough to float with your loved one. Still if desired, the float is able to create a complete sensory deprivation experience, zero light and zero sound.

Float in Luxury

If you are not ready for complete darkness we have a magical star-light ceiling featured with healing colour therapy. You will have complete control of your lighting with a control button within the tank.