Relax. Repair. Restore.


Float Tank Therapy for complete rejuvenation and relaxation. Unplug from the daily grind, increase well-being and experience the zero-gravity relaxation that cannot be matched by anything else.
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Our Western Sydney luxury float spa will heal your body, mind & soul from the stress of modern life, so that you can relax, repair, & restore.


Your float session takes place in your own private pool of mineral rich epsom salt water. As you relax, the salt in the water allows all body-types to naturally and effortlessly float, while providing lasting, measurable benefits to your body, mind & spirit. Oh, and most importantly, it feels… amazing.

Buy Your First Two Floats & Get Your Third FREE!

Your chance to get the best of all worlds. This offer is valid for first-time customers. Welcome to physical, mental, and spiritual stress-relief rolled into one. You will truly feel the benefit of floating after the three floats, so this is an offer no to be missed!


Why should you float?

Floating is next level wellness. Our spacious float suites give you genuine time and space completely for yourself with no external stress coming your way. Clinical tests have proven time and again that floating results in a unique and powerful combination of benefits like none other.

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Floatation Thereapy Body Recovery Performance


Improves muscle performance & recovery
 Increases immune function
+ Regulates blood pressure
– Relieves pain & inflammation
 Significantly reduces skeletal/joint pressure
 Reduces effects of fatigue

Mindfulness and wellbeing float tanks sydney


 Raises serotonin (mood regulation and much more)
Calms acute stress
Reduces long-term anxiety
Lowers cortisol (the stress hormone)
Eases depression
Reduces power and frequency of panic attacks

Soul and Spirituality alignment with our sydney float tank


+ Ultra-deep theta wave brain relaxation
+ Deeper & more restorative sleep
+ Resets Circadian Rhythm (Jet Lag Relief)
+ Boosts Awareness & Mindfulness
Sets the ideal internal stage for creativity
Removes all external distractions & stresses

Make A Reservation

It takes at least 3 floats before you really feel the benefits of floating. This package is only for First time floaters.



Our Floaters Love Us

“Always wanted to try floatation! What a pleasant & unique experience. Place is very clean. Staff explain well. And, you feel so relaxed, after a session. Thanks again!”

Selina T

Sydney west’s hidden gem 💎 Partner and I experienced our first floatation session. The whole experience was beautiful! Customer service, facilities, opening hours, it’s everything you want. Highly recommend. 
We’ll be back !

Riana C

“Had always wanted to try floating but was put off by the concept of small enclosed tanks. 
The float rooms are amazing and you feel so free-floating. It is a wonderful feeling.
My husband and I have become regular floaters here and I highly recommend it to first-time floaters

Rebecca M

“Just completed our second float + infrared sauna, and it was such a surreal experience. Horizen is a super clean, calming space and Michael is so accommodating and thoughtful. Keen to be back ✨”

Jamie L

Ready to Make a Change?

So you have floated more than once and realised a massive boost to your well-being and hapiness? Keep floating with  our awesome membership deals, a small commitment to maximise your floating experience.

The Luxury Environment

Located in the heart of Western Sydney, easily accessible parking, luxury sized float tanks and amazing relaxation and recovery services available. Come and see why our customers call this place a hidden gem 💎. Sydney’s best and biggest flotation tanks. Joe Rogan swears by floatation therapy calling it the “next-level” in meditation and recovery bio hack. 

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Couple Floating - Horizen is the perfect date night.  book a float
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Explore our Experience Menu.
From our $149 Introductory Three Float Package, to our easy-commitment Packages, to the incredible benefits & perks of our Premium Memberships, Just Float is committed to helping you find the perfect option for your needs, your time and your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I float?

While you can float every day without harm, we find that the relaxing effects of a one-hour float typically last beyond that day. For best results, we recommend regular sessions, and many clients find that floating once or twice a month provides the most benefits.  If using floating as a type of self-therapy, we often hear to stick with at least 7 float sessions.

How long does a float usually take?

Our floats last 60 minutes. We find that this time frame provides a good balance between duration and benefits.

Do you wear anything in the tank?

Since it is a private experience, most people don’t wear any clothing. You’ll have the room to yourself and be required to shower before and after.  Anything you wear will press against your body, becoming a distraction. Plus, who wants to take a salty, crusty bathing suit home in a plastic bag?!  Be free!

What do I need to do to prepare for this experience?

Most importantly…relax. The tank will help but if you arrive relaxed, the experience will be more beneficial for you. Everything else including towels, earplugs, shower facilities etc. will be provided.

Will I be able to resume my daily activities when I get out?

Yes. And it may be good to arrange your time so you don’t have to rush. Many people enjoy savoring the peace and quiet before jumping into something hectic.

Can I float if i'm pregnant?

Absolutely Floating can be a haven for pregnant women as it allows you to escape the added weight of pregnancy, taking the strain off the body and spine. However, if your are in your first trimester, or have any concerns please consult your physician before coming in.


Our expert staff is happy to answer your questions, address your concerns and help you book your float.

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