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First Floaters Intro Package

Your chance to get the best of all worlds: a package of three 60 minute luxury float and at an amazing introductory price. Welcome to physical, mental, and spiritual stress-relief rolled into one. You will truly feel the benefit of floating after the three floats, so this is an offer no to be missed!


Infrared Sauna Session

Detox and Repair in a 30 minute session. Bring an additional person for only $10 


Single Float

A great way to refresh and  restore.  60  minute floatation therapy session in our luxury float tanks.


Couples Float

Two people floating in the same float pool. Experience relaxation in an intimate setting! 


HBOT Therapy

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy naturally speeds up healing and recovery for athletes, as well as boost recovery from certain medical conditions and injuries at the cellular level.


$49 - Monthly

Club Membership

One Comlplementary Float per month. $49 additional floats. Your floats are shareable. 3 months minimum commitment.

$44 - Weekly


One Float every week. $44 additional floats. Upfront 1 Month Payment followed by weekly payments.



Sauna + Float

30min Sauna + 60min Float


HBOT + Sauna + Float

30min Sauna + 60min Float + 60min HBOT


Couples Sauna + Float

30min Sauna + 60min Couples Float


Couples Sauna + Seperate Floats

45min Sauna + 60min Float in Seperate Tanks



Sauna x3

Three Sauna sessions redeemable at any time with a 12 month expiration

Ready to Make a Change?

So you have floated more than once and realised a massive boost to your well-being and hapiness? Keep floating with  our awesome membership deals, a small commitment to maximise your floating experience.